Residential Training and E-Learning

  • Residential training is proposed through various types of projects and events which can involve small working groups or medium-large sized audiences.
  • Whether delivering a project consisting of multiple meetings staged all over the country, or organizing a single major event, Runtimes manages communication with all stakeholders at every level promptly and proficiently, and this same professionalism extends to drawing up schedules, the endorsement and accreditation processes, the development of programmes, informative and teaching materials which are shared with teachers, the organization and logistics, plus post-event activities.

  • Runtimes has its own platform for Remote training, through which it delivers accredited courses aimed at the various medical specializations and at professional categories often somewhat overlooked by the remote training offering. The platform enables the company to propose courses of various durations which seamlessly integrate text-based and multimedia content as well as graphics.

  • In the E-learning sphere, Runtimes has developed other synchronous and asynchronous training formats, integrating elements such as webcasts and webinars within communities dedicated to specific areas of learning.